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where you can easily find the best places to live a life.

Established in June of 2020, Homart has been always focusing on the best service of lodging, that we primarily provide the homestays for people in need of vacation rentals, tourism activities and etc in the great place of the South Bay Area.

Even during the pandemic time, we kept growing and accepted tenants, accommodating them safely to the place they were sincerely satisfied with and could live in a sense of security, against the virus, without any concern.

23,121+ Residents

87,542+ Nights Booked

99% Positive Rate


We provide customized person-to-person service.

You will get an exclusive associate to help you in finding an amazing place to live in the following cities. Take a look at the rooms in the following cities. Then contact our listed associates whenever you need them!


Homart provides more benefits and convenience for the property holders who own the house. A lot of long-term partners keep solid connections with Homart based on trust.

Cooperate with us if you need your house to be taken care of well and financially profitable. It would be time-saving also effortless for your side, while you can also earn beneficially successful.


As a small team, the logic of our operation is that the fewer people working together (they are best), the less bureaucracy gets in the way. Fewer moving pieces equals more efficiency and equality.

Contact the associates as listed, who are truly assets of Homart. There is no fee charged at all.


A sweet, cute also professional lady associate who cares about each of her clients. More sympathetic and caring, with the highest efficiency in dealing with requests from customers.


Polite, humble, responsible, and highly responsive. Getting positive feedback and praise from customers makes him popular.


Not only has the best ability to find our customers proper rooms which meet requirements, he can also be your handyman, especially in auto!


A helpful and dedicative young associate. Asking him for help would never be a wrong choice. All-round mastership with a “house”, from the macro blueprint to micro parts. He can be the handyman too in all aspects to help you!

Homart is also HIRING, open to people who want to work as associates, home managers, and lodging agents that are willing to join the small but fabulous team.

Homart Community

Homart is always aiming to do the BEST for our customers, as our principles simply and explicitly stand for Brilliant, Economical, Sanitary, and Tailored.